Monthly Favorites: March


LiveFashionAble ‘Tadesse’ Bucket Bag. This bag as been a catch all bag for me this month. It seems small, but once you start packing, it just holds so much! Plus, I really like the black color!

Madewell Hoop earrings (similar).
I’ve had these for 4+ years and I just recently started wearing them again! I wuv them!!! I’ve always love the way hoop earrings look. They’re such a classic!

Essie ‘Master Plan‘ nail polish.
I adore this nail polish. I wear it when I want a neutral color on and this does the trick! Wore it for a photoshoot this month, and it was wonderful.
L’oreal ‘butterfly kisses‘ nail polish. This is the best spring time nail color. I wore it for Easter, and I couldn’t have been happier! I currently have it on my tootsies : )
Revlon Ultra HD matte lip color ‘flirtation. I feel as if I’ve talked so much about this lip color, but i can’t help it. I reallu enjoy wearing it!
Marc Jacobs Fineliner ultra skinny gel eye crayon. This stuff is uhhh-mazing!!! I think it’s for your tightline, but I’m not totally sure. I just know it’s incredible and the staying power is worth mentioning.
Herban Cowboy ‘Dusk‘ Cologne. I love a good mainly scented cologne that i can pair with florally scents, that normally wear by itself. I constantly get asked what perfume I have on!
Nest ‘Indigo‘ perfume. And this just so happens to be the florally scent. But paired together with DUSK, it’s amazing!

Organic Strawberries
Chia seeds
Late July Sriracha Fresca Tortilla chips. These chips are amazing! I feel as if I’m eating doritos, just minus the GMOs and gluten. I wish I could buy a boat load of them!
Allegro blended espresso. I only tried it once, but I’m fairly sure, I will be ordering again. It’s from Wholefoods at the coffee bar, you can choose whatever milk you want(I chose half & half), and I added mocha syrup in it aswell.
Sonic Ice Tea. I live in the south, ice tea is a must! And with sonic ice, it just makes tea better!

• ‘Medicine‘ – A dance film. Ugh, the choreography is amazing in this video. You need to watch. It’s so beautiful, if only I could dance like this! 😍😍😍
The TV show Ed. This show is not to be confused with Mister Ed. This has Elizabeth Banks and Tom Cavenaugh as the main characters. A lot like the Gilmore girls humor.
Gilmore Girls reruns. I love Gilmore girls! I’ve been watching from start to finish on the UP channel. And i am thoroughly enjoying it.

Tell me, what were some of your favorites from March?!

Adore Me’s Lingerie Contest


When talking about fashion + style, who wants to talk about bras, lingerie and undergarments?! Well, me, I do! As I am a wardrobe stylist. I’m not too keen on telling my clients to get better undergarments though, even if I know they dreadfully need it! So, I have to make myself! But having a well fitting bra/lingerie can pretty much be the best thing ever, outfit wise! Seriously, what’s better than having perky boobs? And better posture. And you appear thinner. and an all around a better stature. Count me in. But unfortunately, women don’t always take time finding/fitting bras into consideration, when shopping, even if it makes you look and feel your sexiest + best! And makes your outfit look better than if you had an old saggy bra.


Adore Me is currently running a giveaway until Friday, April 15th. I was contacted to enter. I think you should too! You could win 2 sets of lingerie, all you have to do is photograph a flat-lay of your favorite outfit. Complete with accessories, shoes, basically anything you love to pair with your outfits! Like @Adoreme‘s profile on Instagram and post a flat lay pic of how your perfect outfit looks like, tag @adoreme, and hashtag #everydaylingerie to enter.


My ideal outfit, is probably one of the most comfiest. Yet, I feel über cute/sexy(if you will) in it.

It’s Spring time, and what’s better than an ultra comfy lightweight deconstructed+studded sweatshirt{Similar} | highwaisted black skinnies rolled up to the ankle | floral flats{Similar} | and Jewelry, such as; my Michele watch{Similar}, layering necklaces; long gold arrow{Similar}, Golden robin necklace{Similar}, Kendra Scott “Elisa” Necklace, my Grandpa’s vintage Highschool ring{similar}, Bumblebee post earrings{Similar} are the perfect counterparts to the perfect outfit! Not to mention a bright coral lip! {As in the Revlon Ultra HD matte lipcolor in Flirtation} Along with my undergarments; such as bra & panties, too!


What I bought in: March


March was such a good month! I found some deals and I loved life! Can’t complain! Can you?

Crate & Barrel Citron linen king pillow cases{Similar}. I love linen. And these will be perfect to brighten up my bedroom for summer!
Madewell black + white NYC Scarf {Similar}. This is so light and flowy. It’s perfect for spring and a great reminder of my favorite city.
Crate & Barrel yellow linen tablecloth{Similar}. This will actually be a throw, i love using linen as a blanket. And I’m getting it monogrammed, So excited!
Pure Ice matte top coat. I finished my Essie “Matte About You” bottle, and as i was strolling through the beauty aisles of wally world, I spotted this bottle… I seem to like it better too!
Butter London Wallis Nail Polish. This is a back up bottle. As it is my favorite Butter London color!
Rose Gold pimple picker{Similar}. This is a Godsend. It’s so much better than the curved side of a bobbypin. Plus, it is rose gold! Bonus! 
Revlon ultra HD matte lipcolor in flirtation.
Poppin Rose Gold business card holder. Though, I wish it were leather instead of metallic cardstock, it does make handing out business cards all the more fun!
Merona Wool Fedora Hat in Olive Green. I wanted one all through winter, never purchasing, and now I finally have one! Yay! 

So that’s everything i bought in the month of March! What are some things you bought?

What I bought in: February

February was a good, good month. From purchasing, to receiving to favoriting. All wonderful. I’m going to miss my birthday month, but onto March, which will be another great month for the books!


‘Somebunny loves you’ hand towels. These are for my bathroom. Mainly for Easter, but I’ll use all year round. They’re from Tj Maxx.
Glass picture frames. These are for framing the Rifle paper co. cards… I like the utilitarian vibe it has. These are from Hobby lobby.
Rifle Paper Co. Notecards: 2 New York, 1 Kentucky Derby; here, here + here. I bought these for 3-4 reasons such as: NYC has my heart. I’m from Kentucky. These are for framing and I love rifle paper co.
Neiman Marcus Gold Arrowhead necklace. This necklace is perfect for a layering piece and just a touch of bohemian.
J.crew jeweled necklace. This may end up being a gift. But I really liked it as a layering piece as well. The geometric shape is my jam!
Kendra Scott necklace extenders in gold & rose gold; similar. These I needed for two of my necklaces I received for my birthday.
Maybelline New York color tattoo metal in ‘inked in pink’. I needed another color tattoo pot, as I use it as a eye primer for my eye shadow. And I wanted to try the pink. As far as I can tell, I like it!
MAC Cosmetics eye shadow in ‘Hot Paprika’; similar.. This is an eye shadow. Not sure why I thought this was great buy…It is very pigmented. And I like the dusty coral-ness of it. And I like how many looks I can create with it.
Bite Beauty lip duo in Marmalade/Confection. This also might be a gift… But you know that I have a thing for Bite beauty lipsticks. It’s no secret, really.
Hedgehog gold leather coasters. These are coasters are rad! I think I’m going to use these year round!
Marvis Toothpaste in Cinnamon mint. This stuff is amazeballs! In terms of a healthier, no fluoride in it. And it makes teeth whiter + squeaky clean.
Madewell socks; Similar. I have a thing for cute socks. And Madewell socks are made, well, well! I fancy them!
• Wood diamond. This was just cool. I found it in Austin Texas in a Tj Maxx! Perfect for jewelry.
Aerie Underwear. Aerie is my all time favorite underwear company!!! And I bought 6 pair.
•Kirkland camisoles (not pictured) these are my all time favorite camisoles. I wear camisoles almost everyday and these are the best. Sooo comfortable!

And there you have it another month down! Another month ahead! See ya next month for what I bought in March!

A + M inspiration…

Y’all, I just want my house to look like it all came from anthropologie and my wardrobe to look as if it came from Madewell… That’s all.

I went thrifting with a friend of mine yesterday, which I had the loveliest time… And I could definitely see a vision of what I want my home/wardrobe to look like. I know that I don’t have to have it come from both anthropologie + Madewell. As my friend bought a few pieces that I could have totally bought, but didn’t have same at the moment…

But I just want my thinks to look as if they came from Madewell or anthropologie… I see the vision…


It just has to resemble them. Sure, I may splurge on a few things from each store, but then I may buy bigger pieces from second hand stores, craft stores, Target, Walmart, even Tj maxx type places for homeware. I love mid century modern, baroque, floral, stripes, muted, coral + gold/green colors, cozy, fun, etc type of things. I pretty much love eclectic. And reupholstery, repainting and repurposing can go far when mastering your home to look like anthropologie… But totally doable.


And for clothing, I like all of Madewell’s style. I like the button down shirts, the scarves, the hats, the cool girl chic and sometimes quirky vibe, the muted/vibrant colors. I love it all. If people ask me what style I tend to go towards, I always tell them Madewell. However, I do know my body shape is much different than the girls in the Madewell catalog, I seem to think that’s a good thing. And that all shapes and sizes should be able to shop there. I just love me some Madewell. And the awesome thing is, old navy, H&M, Target, and thrift stores carry A LOT of Madewell style clothing(also, if you’re into sewing apparel, this is a great way to achieve a Madewell style, just saying!)… Which helps your wallet while maintaining a Madewell style.

I just had to get that off my chest and share some inspiration with you…
Hope you enjoy! -Ryn

What I bought in January…


I didn’t buy as much as I thought but I’m loving the color palette here in this photo… It’s very springy… I did have my eye on some jeans from OldNavy…But I may buy them in February or March, you’ll find out soon, I’m sure. I do like buying necessities. And necessities, such as pants are always a good thing! But for now, these things in the photo are what’s being highlighted! So enjoy!

• I wuv this sweater. I’ve been wearing this constantly! All day, e’ry day!

• OldNavy floral PJ pants. These pants are adorable. They were on clearance, so I’m not entirely sure you can still find them, but if you can, then GREAT!

• Madewell D’Orsay flats it black and white snake skin. I bought these off poshmark, and I thought they were cuter in the pics. I may end up selling them back on poshmark… How unfortunate.

• OldNavy striped boyfriend tee. This tee is so comfortable!!! I could stand for it to be a little longer in length. But I still really like it. Its slouchy and cute.

• OldNavy Coral Tencel midi length. I haven’t actually worn this skirt yet… But I think I’ll pair it with a white button down and boots…

• Caramel color ribbing from Fabric.Com. This ribbing is for some fabric I bought in Canada. I wanted to make a cute sweatshirt with it, but I couldn’t find ribbing that would match, and I just happened upon a very close match, which now has prompted me to finish that said sweatshirt! Yay!

• Target Dollar Spot pocket calendar. I needed a smaller calendar to carry. I have a big daddy calendar for home/office use, but needed a smaller version to store in my bag just in case I need it…

• Madewell x Vans suede taupe slip-on shoes. These are already my favorite! Spoiler alert, these will be featured in February’s favorites… They’re super comfy and super cute!

I hope you enjoyed this haul, as I’ll enjoy putting each piece to good use!

What did you buy in January?!

What’s in my bag: Madewell Transport tote

When I was around 11 or 12 I started carrying handbags around with me everywhere. I have this memory of my friends Tori & Bryna, every Sunday and Wednesday going through it just to see what I had in there…. So a post like this is very near and dear to my heart.

I received this beauty of a bag for Christmas from two of my sisters. I love love loooove it. The quality is great, the color is beautiful, and I really enjoy pairing it with all my outfits. And I thought I’d share what was in my bag. After I shot this, I decided to clean it out as well so, not everything is in it now 🙂


Here we have everything in my bag… Receipts and all.


(From left to right)
This is everything I carry around with me, from business cards to a journal.
Business cards + holder: So I can hand new clients & customers my info.
My lipstick bag: Essential.
Journal: so I can write & review my dreams and goals I want to accomplish.
Wallet: also essential.
Body scrub recipe I picked up from Wholefoods: because why not, I may share it on here if its good!
Knife: Protection
Swatch of fabric: To match it to T-shirt ribbing.
Bag of beauty products: just in case
Sample of probiotics from Wholefoods: To try.
One earring finding: Not sure why it was in my purse…
Blue Le Pen: to write with. *favorite pen
Rose gold metallic pencil: to write with.
Receipts: because I bought things.
Quay Sunglasses: because it’s sunny out and I’m cool.
House keys: to get in my house.
Lipsticks: Because I love wearing lipstick.
Coins: I paid with cash.
Starbuck’s + Spotify card: in case I want to download Starbuck’s app…


Bag of lipsticks from Anthropologie:
BareMinerals Pop of passion in plumberry pop
Bite beauty duo in Cortado + Latte
Bite Beauty luminous crème lipstick in pomegranate
MAC lipsticks in Diva, Russian Red, Ruby Woo
Tarte matte lipsurgences in exposed + lively.
Khiel’s musk rollerball perfume: So that I can smell good.
• Starbucks chewing gum: in case of bad breath.


What’s in my wallet from Luxe Apothitique…
More receipts
Coupons + discounts
Gift cards
Insurance cards
Bank card
Store cards; anthropologie, Sephora, Nordstrom


In my beauty bag from HMK…
Vitamins & Advil liquigels: necessity for when I may have a headache.
Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids: in case I need them, and they’re adorable.
Tiffany coin purse holding my Samsung earbuds: because you never know when you might need them.
Etsy credit card reader: just in case I need to make a sale.
100% pure hand cream in coconut: because I need hand cream.
Bath & Body Works The Big apple hand sanitizer: it’s just smart and I like to have clean hands…and a pure heart.
Bliss hand cream from Aloft hotels: again, I may have dry hands and may need lotion.
A packet of Truvia sweetener: for my coffee.
Hair tie: for my hair.

So that is everything! I store a bunch of necessary things as well as unnecessary items in my bag. So, I hope you enjoyed!

And tell me something really random you currently store in your handbag, okay?