Sweatshirt cozy


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Casual uniforms. Weekly, I have a form of this outfit on… Sometimes bi-weekly.
It’s important to have “running errands” outfit. That’s not gym clothes or *shudder* pajamas *shudder*. You just need a comfy-cute outfit to schlump around in, go to brunch in, or the farmer’s market. Whether it is a tee, jeans + sweatshirt or a blouse + jeans. That’s what you get to decide. But just pick an outfit that, you can pull out of your closet, knowing you’ll feel CONFIDENT in.

I’m a sweatshirt girl ALL the way. I love a cozy sweatshirt. And I love this one pictured. It’s ripped and soft and made of french terry, perfect for spring weather. And I can pair it with anything. Anything! From a skirt to flares. Sweatshirts are amazing!

Here comes peter cotton tail….


Shirt: SIMILAR | Skirt: HERE |  Sandals: SIMILAR | Necklace: SIMILAR | Nail Polish: HERE | Lipstick: HERE | Dog: YORKIE
Happy Resurrection Day/Happy Easter!!! Even if it’s two days late… Actually, I’m celebrating Easter on Wednesday as well as this past Sunday. So, there’s that!

I did want to show/share with ya what I actually wore on Easter to church and brunch.
I very rarely wear skirts or dresses, but I loved the color of this skirt. It’s my jam! I even love the midi-ness length to it. It flared out just so. It was a slight high-low hemline to compensate for my bubble butt. It’s perfection.
I picked this skirt up months ago, and never wore it. And since I’ve pretty much stopped buying easter dresses in my late twenties, I knew separates would work. And this blouse just works with this skirt, don’t you think? So I put two and two together and made an outfit! I had that outfit in mind for about 3-4 weeks prior to this past Sunday. Even the hair style. And I love it. I felt cute. My legs were/are definitely super white, but I’m okay with it. I also really like my hair. Milkmaid braids ALL THE WAY! And those sandals, they are sooo comfy. I can not explain to you how comfy they truly are.

And just prior to this picture being taken, I spilled coffee down the front of me before church… Oh joy!

Anyway, just wanted to share… For trying something new, it was a total win for me! Yay! -Ryn

Styled: wonderful tee

So, on Saturday, I attended a women’s expo in Las Colinas TX.


(I love this building. I think it’s gorgeous.)
I really like the expo, this year was my 2nd year to attend. They have a bunch of vendors. (Fun Fact: I wanted to be a vendor, but was unsure of whether, I could sell double, of what the booth price was… Maybe next year.) But they also had seminars, two guest speakers. That day it was Nancy Grace & Tabatha Coffey. I wouldn’t have minded listening to what Tabatha Coffey had to say, but I never made it upstairs to where she was speaking… Not only did they have shopping, guest speakers, seminars, but they also had beauty treatments, such as haircuts, messages & makeovers going on all over. I recommend this event for sure! Tickets are $5-$10! Not bad at all! Here’s more INFO! To see if they come to your city!

That day I decided to break out and wear the wonderful tee, I had posted on Friday for DIY Friday. And I have to say, I LOVE it. Yep that’s pretty much it. It’s more colorful than what I typically wear, but I just love the look, the words, the colors. Everything!


Gap sweater | Diy wonderful tee | ON rock star skinny boyfriend jeans | MC+co necklace | Olessya necklace; similar | Chinese Laundry d’orsay flats | Bite beauty “lingonberry” lips

I did purchase a couple things, and as you probably know, I’m a pro shopper and i love to promote + shop small.
I found this amazing bronzed quartz crystal necklace from Olessya. It pairs so well with my own jewelry, that I just love it. (And my friend Katie could have inspired me to buy it, as she she owns a similar one to this… Oh Katie.)


And Holiday fried pecans from Louisiana. Oh my goodness! These make me love Louisiana more. These are so tasty! If you’re into pecans or Louisiana y’all need to try these! But they are addicting… Unfortunately.


So this was a great way to start June! I can’t believe we’re already in June! It’s been a GREAT year so far! Yay!
See y’all tomorrow, Ryn

Styled: Missing the Big Apple

Yesterday, I decided to wear my  souvenir shirt I picked up from my last trip to NYC, with my boyfriend skinny jeans from Old Navy, and my hot pink Cece ballet flats from J.crew. I then added a half topknot bun on top of my head and bright lips & mascara. Yesterday’s weather was so so great & so unusual for Texas. But I love it! I can still wear long sleeves and not be miserable from the heat! Wahoo! 57 degrees, 57°!!!!



For a casual day to go to lunch, Target & babysit, I think this outfit was a win! No need to be super cute on off days like that!

Plus, I got to see friends and talk about color & style in from of Target! So much fun!

On another note, I want this piggy bank. So that I can save up for my next adventure to the big apple! I almost bought it yesterday, but I refrained from doing so, I was good, I just bought the notebook and an iced coffee I came for! But this is something I want for sure!


And there you have it, thanks for reading!
You do NOT want to miss tomorrow’s DIY! I just took the pics and they are so cute! Anyway Toodleloo! -Ryn

Styled: Printed joggers

How was your easter weekend?! Were you off on Friday? Did you do anything fun? I went to Canton Texas for trade days, and I went to church twice. And my Mama’s birthday was on Sunday aswell, so we celebrated her too! (Happy Birthday, mom!) Oh and I was awarded Best Auntie ever! I got my niece a chick for snuggling and petting for the day! It was suuuuper cute!

And then, I’ve had a somewhat lazy day today… But I am finishing a custom order that has taken me ages to fulfill. And I dropped off this cutie, for her forever home!


But other than that, not too much has been happening.

But, I would like to show you what I decided to wear on Easter Sunday! I opted not to wear a dress. And to go with a pair o’pants. I needed something for Easter Sunday! So I bought a pair of joggers from at Target for a total steal! 50% off to be exact! I don’t usually 1. Buy joggers and 2. Buy printed pants. Since I am curvier, it’s sometimes hard to pair in outfits. But if you are curvier or you have a larger bottom half, never fear prints. They are doable.

Why this outfit works, is because nothing is tight on me. And I paired it with coordinating colors, pairing with darker colors on top, and a jacket that is similar to the colors in the print, so there is an anchor to this outfit. The jacket has lace on it, so the lace adds another element to the outfit, another depth to balance out the print on the bottom. It all seems streamlined. Pairing this outfit with heels makes my legs appear longer. And the rounded hem has a slimming effect. Put all of those together and it’s a really cute outfit that can work on a curvy or slim gal.


Pants: Target | Shoes: Anthropologie; old | blouse: Coldwater Creek | Jacket: Me-Made | Jewelry: maudec, allthewire, vintage & tjmaxx
Then later that day:


Cardigan: Nordstrom | Tee: Good Hyouman | Sandals: Madewell | Pants: Target | Lips: Tarte-‘Lucky’ & Buxom-‘Bunny’ | Jewelry: vintage, Maude C., allthewire, tj maxx, Michele.

Again, I paired these pants with a dark shirt and a sweater, the color close to the colors in the pants. Notice I paired it with a graphic tee? I scrunched the shirt, since that action makes you look thinner. And then I paired some leather wrapped flat sandals with outfit. You’ll notice, there is no other brown in the outfit, that’s ok! No need to match all the time! This reminds me of morocco… Where I’ve never been there, but I would like to!

Until tomorrow, love y’all! -Ryn

Style Find: liquid leggings

For the last 3 months I have been ALL about liquid leggings, leather leggings & faux leather leggings. Have I been courageous enough to wear them out…No. But at least I own a pair.

But before I bought a pair, I kept seeing the young and the older rock them, and I was totally feeling left out. I mean, they looked classy, cool, chic! I JUST had to get a pair.

Now my mom on the other hand, despises liquid leggings. She hates the look/feel of them. But, I, kinda, really, sorta like them, so I’m thinking about getting the up the nerve to actually leave the house in them… We shall see!

Funny Story, I was about to wear them one Sunday, when I decided to change because of a look she gave. And granted, the shirt I paired them with wasn’t the absolute best.
But when I showed up that day in my changed pants, two of my friends, Anna & Katie both had them on. Ha, good times!

But I will say this, I’m not entirely sure these are with all liquid leggings, or just with the pair I bought, but they are super loud. So, I’m still shopping around for another pair. Hoping I find them soon! 🙂

Here are a few looks I came up with! Annnd, I just made a few tees that I absolutely LOOOOOVE to pair with them! Yippee.


I loooove this look!


Again, I love this look.


And this, super cute.

• The trick to wearing these “said” leggings, is the length of the top you wear. The longer the top, the more flattering the leggings look. And the rounder the hem, the thinner you look. Sweet!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

Styled: Sweatshirt chic


Reaction tour sweatshirt | old navy rockstar skinny jeans | Sam Edelman ‘petty’ boots.

This is a perfect outfit for Texas right now, since it’s icy + cold! Burrrrr! (Most people are snowed in.) But this sweatshirt I wear constantly! It’s warm, cozy + its long enough to cover my booty. I wrote a post last year about the cause, you can check it out here!
But I just really love a good sweatshirt. It doesn’t matter whether they have a hood or not. I could take a sweatshirt either way. But it has to be soft on the inside or I will not be happy!

I want to tell you that its okay to have just be comfy (and leave the cute out) days. Sure this sweatshirt is cute and the boots are great, but I didn’t pair it with a bold sparkly necklace or any jewels at all. And that’s entirely OK. This was my grocery going look. Totally acceptable. And very relaxed. Perfect even for a day at the movie theater.

If you would want to wear this shopping or on casual Friday’s at work, then I would suggest to put a really Rockin’ necklace from Baublebar or Maude C. around your neck. To brighten things around your face. Nothing too serious, just a jewel or two. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! -Ryn