A slimming OOTD


Can we just say that an upper angle is sooooo slimming! Ugh! Love it! Not to mention, this outfit itself is slimming.

Black skinny jeans, are probably one of the most versatile items you can own in your wardrobe. I usually have 2-3 pair in my closet. Because, I can pair them with anything! And because I can dress them up or I can dress them down.

I’m all about tees. And this tee is a slim fitting tee, which shows off more curves than I usually do. But buy some tees that skim your body, not so tight that, you look like you’re wearing a sausage casing. Not cool! Both Madewell & J.crew have amazing tees…and soft too!

Why this outfit works so well, is because everything flows nicely. It may not have to match perfectly. But it does need to flow well together. For instance, my shoes + cami goes well with my sweater and tee. And my jeans are a neutral and acts as an anchor to my outfit. You csn totally wear color, bit you have to be strategic. You can’t wear every color of the rainbow in one outfit(not talking about dresses, mostly separates) an expect it to look good. You’ll be a walking rainbow. But if you use neutrals to help, then you’re getting somewhere. We’ll get to that in another post!

Do you have any questions or any suggestions on what to post next, leave me a comment or email me: styledbyryn@gmail.com, id love to hear what you have to say!

3 outfit ideas for She is…

She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is without spot or blemish. She is far more precious than diamonds or rubies.

I strive to be all of those things. Not to mention she is strong, courageous, fierce, loyal, humorous, enticing, lovely and beautiful.

She is beautiful. In this day and age beauty has so many connotations. Positive + Negative views on what beauty is. Outward + inward expressions of what beauty is. Matters of the heart vs only skin deep forms of beauty. I wish I could tell every woman how beautiful she really is. That smile tells a story. And she speaks what is embedded in her heart.

Have you heard of She Is clothing?
I love this company. This is the epitome of what ever beautiful + strong woman is. And she should wear that badge proudly.

I was so kindly sent a couple items from their range and I love both. The message and the quality. You know I’m a stickler about how well something’s made. And their tees are so super soft. It’s like wearing a warm hug.

I paired this shirt 3 ways to show you just how versital a graphic tee actually can be.
{In case you’re wondering Elle est forte means She is Strong}


1st look: I’m all about a blazer, boyfriend jeans, heels and a cool graphic tee with some awesome jewelry to go out in. Whether your going out on a date or a GNO. You’ll be covered!


2nd look: To rock the message at the gym when you’re getting your strong on is the perfect time to remind yourself that strong is beautiful. Grab your colorful workout pants, your sneakers and your graphic tee and just see how leg day treats you!


3rd look: Last but definitely not least, wear this to the farmers market, to meet clients or to a concert in the park… Wherever you choose to wear it, just know that you can never go wrong with a midi skirt, field jacket, ankle boots, bucket bag and a floral scarf to welcome the graphic tee into the mix!

With these suggestions, you can rock any occasion with a graphic tee. Especially one from She Is Clothing! You need this company in your life!

P.s. if you use this coupon code: LAURYN, you’ll receive $5 off your entire purchase from www.Sheisclothing.com!

Thanks so much She Is! Love y’all! -Ryn

Advent No.4: I’ve got my eye on you…shoes tutorial

As I was working on this diy, I was listening to my boys aka one direction… ’cause why not?! Just like the shoes, they are adorable! (That totally made me sound old!) Anyway as I go through this tutorial, it’s evident that these shoes are becoming more ADORABLE!! (If that’s even possible!) I mean, who wouldn’t want a hazel eyeball and wispy lashes & eyebrows on their already glittered shoes?! Beats me! ; )

And you know what’s even cuter, these shoes would be perfect for party shoes…hence the title of this post.
I could totally pair this with dressy ankle pants, a silk l/s blouse and throw these babies on as a quirky touch! Or possibly a swing dress, leather jacket & these kicks… Oooor a skater skirt, wordy graphic tee & a Chanel type jacket. Looooooove’em all!

What you’ll need:


• Glue. I used goop, seems to have worked. You’ll need a permanent glue.
• Leather. I used bronzed leather(for hazel eyes) black leather(for the lashes, brows + pupils) & white/stone suede(for the eyeball). All are from scrap leather. (You can buy a bag of scrap leather from craft stores, FYI! Or you can use vinyl… Your choice!
• Scissors. Mine are from Kai, and they’re the best!
• White crayon or pencil. I used the crayon and it worked perfectly!
•Glittered Shoes. Here & Here & Here

Unfortunately, I don’t have a pattern for the eyeball, lashes & brows. I freestyled it all. But, I did have inspiration for these shoes, as they were being sold for $258… A little bit out of my price range! So instead, I decided I could make it, and I believe you can too!


1. Take the shoes, dust them off and start fresh. (I have worn these shoes before, and it’s okay if you have.)


2. Draw out the eyeball, lashes & brows. Remember, the brows don’t have to match, they’re sisters, not twins. And the lashes have one curved up and one curved down. And little rectangles + triangles work best for the shape of the lashes.


And unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of the eyebrows before cutting them out… Oops.


3. Cut them out. And glue the iris and pupil to the eyeball. Then you’ll glue the ball to the shoe. Then you’ll place the lashes right next to the eyeball, and glue the strip of it down, not gluing the fluttery eyelashes onto the shoe. Then place the eyebrows to your liking above the lashes as well. Press firmly and then let dry.



4. And now they’re ready to wear! Enjoy!

You’ll love ’em! They kind of remind me of Kate Spade, a bit! Just because of the quirky-ness of her things!

But, I encourage you to have fun planning outfits around them! You’ll like’em a lot! And they may be conversation starters! Just don’t forget to add a shameless plug for my blog, would ya! ; )

So enjoy the holiday party season in your new fancy party shoes! -Ryn

Beauty Fyle: My Top 11 Autumnal Nail Polishes

Like my lips, I love to polish my nails in autumnal colors, whether it’s olive green, rust, gold, red etc! I just love wearing nail polish. It just elevates an outfit. I especially love to polish my nails on the weekends and/or when I have a style session coming up. I just feel more put together. More me, I guess. With these colors, it’s a sure sign that autumn is well on it’s way… Hallelujah!


The fact that my late Nana was the owner of a salon(the snooty fox) and used to do other ladies nails, somehow made me love to take care and polish my own nails. I inherited the polish love from her… And my mom! What a legacy.

Ulta: Candy Coated | $6
Essie: Smokin’ Hot | $8.5
Essie: Master Plan | $8.5
Butter London: Wallis | $15
Butter London: LA Moss | $15
Butter London: Shag | $15
Formula X: Enriched | $10
NYC: Plaza Plumberry | $.93
Koco: Married to the mauve | $7
Albeit cosmetics: red | $12
Butter London: Union Jack Black | $15

I’ve already applied shag, enriched & LA Moss on my nails and/or toenails. But I’ll be wearing these others I’m sure soon enough.


Hope you enjoyed! See ya tomorrow! -Ryn

Style Fyle: Autumn Hats!

I’m not one to really wear hats except in autumn/winter. I like how hats help elevate an outfit. It works well for me. I even got a new hat & I love it!


Isn’t it cute? $19.99 for 100% wool. Bargain! and it looks like it came straight from Madewell or Ralph Lauren! Whoop whoop! This hat is going to look so cute with all my fall clothes, when it gets colder here!


As I said, I love wearing hats because it just adds another element to the outfit.

My favorites:
• Beanies. They’re pretty amazing. The slouchier the better. And in any color too. And keeps your head impeccably warm.


• Wide Brimmed Fedora hat. Has a chic vibe to it. And a nod to a cowboy hat. Yay! (Since, I live in Texas)


• Baseball hats. Yes just yes! Can’t get enough of baseball hats. Borrowed from the boys. I love the shape & style, Especially dark ones with no frills to it & made of cotton.


• Floppy brimmed wool hat. It’s a chic hat. And if you’re incognito, it’s perfect. It’s also easy to dress up. With a fur and flares.


Tell me what you love about Autumn and what you love about hats. Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Thanks for reading!

Styled: Cropped

{Hey y’all sweatshirt | MeMade shirt | Coldwater creek jeggings | Nike trainers | Chinese Laundry d’orsay flats}
Two outfit options are happening, the first is with heeled Nike trainers and the last ist wit d’orsay black flats. Both are cute outfits. And both are are with a cute Cropped Sweatshirt! You heard correctly. I said Cropped. I’ve never worn cropped tops. I never thought I knew how or that they looked good on me. I was pretty much mistaken… I found out that I can layer them! I love layering to begin with, so adding a shorter layer to the mix was icing on the cake for me!

I don’t always like looking at other’s midriffs when they wear cropped tops. So, I know on me, it was never going to happen. I personally know that It’s not the most fattering. But I am a fan of longer shirts. So, if you’re like me, and you want to utilize cropped tops, but you want to stay modest or you just don’t like your stomach showing. Layer a longer top underneath your cropped top of choice. Try a billowyish cropped top with a billowy top. Or try a form fitting cropped top with a white button up Oxford shirt underneath. The options are endless as long as you’re willing to play, and see what looks good.

Here are a few options via Pinterest(love me some Pinterest) :


Love this look. I like how fresh and crisp it is, all the while having a laid back vibe to it.


Again, I really love this outfit as well. I love the blue on blue. It’s classic, and chambray is Divine!
I love this one. It’s my style in a nutshell, well sort of!

I love the peplum vibe. It makes her waist appear very very tiny, giving her an hourglass shape. On point.
This last one is one of my favorites, its layering to another level. That long shirt is great!

So, if anything, this post will give you some ideas of A) styling your cropped tops in a new way or B) showing you, it’s not as scary as you think, wearing cropped tops.
You don’t have to reveal skin when wearing cropped tops. It’s basically a layer that you can do what you want with.

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

P.s. makes me want to buy and sew some cropped tops! So you may see me in the future rocking some! : ) at least I’m warning you!

Style Find: Birkenstock Sandals

I went with the gold! If you’re not too sure what this means, then you’re not following me on Instagram: @RynB, and you really should be! (I had a friend come up to me at church and ask me which shoe I decided to go with… Ha!)

This year I have been eyeing these babies for awhile, everytime I would go to Nordstrom or Nordstrom.com. They are just so floral & so cute! They actually match my business cards! Ha!


Now, I’ve never been a true fan of Birkenstock shoes. Yes, my mom wears them, and they look good on her feet.  but I’ve never been a fan of how they look on my feet…have I really tried them on my feet? Nooo!  So this is me as I am acting like a kid who says he hates broccoli when he’s never tried broccoli…
I came to the conclusion that I just wouldn’t wear them enough to invest $89.95 on them. And I just wasn’t sure about how to style them. I was close to getting them, but I’ve been wanting to add some other shoe styles to my shoe collection, like: a pair of heels & vans so $90 wasn’t in my budget for one pair of shoes at this time..  They’re still very cute! And I would still like to have them, maybe, I don’t know… And I may change my mind, and purchase them after all. Maybe.

Since Birkenstocks have been “IN” since last summer, I did want to hop on the band wagon, just not so high…. I know they last forever, but trends do not… But I’m not totally a trend follower either. However, I found an alternative, Meet ‘Doris’, my new summer sandals! I purchased them on Sunday, and they are quite dapper! I asked my friends + followers  on Instagram & Facebook, to help me make the decision of which pair to go with, and most said #1.


But if you know me, I like to be different, run away from the pack, so I decided to with these golden beauties!


They are so cute, and I am really excited to pair with outfits!

• Here’s the thing, if you are in the same boat or similar to me, then try other knockoff Birkenstock style brands first, before you decide you want to commit $90 to your feet.

Oh and did I mention, that they only cost around $18 for me?! They are originally $25 retail, but since they are  having a special going this week until Sunday, of buy one get on 50% off, they were 25% off, plus if you use you Target red card, you receive an extra 5% off. So all in all, it’s been a great decision of purchasing! And my mom purchased the other pair… The bronzed beauties!

I will be doing outfit of the days & weeks with these puppies, so please stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed reading this! And I hope you have lovely day! – Ryn

P.s tell me something that you love about spring time?!