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OOTW: white button ups


Button down; similar | Jeans; similar | Shoes; similar | Necklace | Sunnies | Belt; similar

Everybody should own a white button down shirt. Whether man or woman. Whether slouchy or tailored. I prefer a slouchy version more so, than a tailored blouse. As I can half tuck it in and it look relaxed. But a tailored version will give you a nipped in, waist defining look.

And as you can see, this Particular shirt is plaid jacquard. Which means, the pattern is woven into the fabric. Instead of stitched on or painted on. If you can find white shirts that have a lil somethin’ somethin’ extra to them, you’re winning. Because texture gives your outfit a step up to be great!

Do you own a white button down?

What I bought in: April


New York napkin; similar. Aka a new throw pillow case… That’s right, this here napkin will turn into a pillow, as I can not profess my love for NYC enough!

Floral Birkenstock style shoes; similar. Man, are these cute or what?! And they’re super comfortable too! Bought them in Canton TX!

{If you ever come to Texas, be sure to stop by Canton on the Trade Days weekend to snag some amazing finds, new or antique.}

• Bumble bee post earrings. Again, bought these by a vendor at Canton Trade Days! I loooove these bumblebee earrings.

Kendra Scott necklace. Guys, if you’re not aware that Kendra Scott boutiques have a birthday deal which is, one item 50% off, then you should, I’ll link a whole list of things that help celebrate your birthday too! I totally used my mom’s birthday to get this pretty little rose gold/turquoise number. Ain’t it pretty?

Bite Beauty ‘Gingersnap’ lipstick. Even though this lipstick is a very pretty coral, I still consider it to be a nude for me… I know it’s not a nude, but it’s just the prettiest everyday shade!


Perfect formula manicure set. I’ve been wanting to try the pink gel coat for a loooong time, and I saw this whole set, and I thought I should purchase it all. And you know what?! I love the pink gel coat!

And there you have it, a run down on everything I purchased or had purchased for me! You’re welcome. 😉

What was your favorite thing you bought in the month of April?!


A slimming OOTD


Can we just say that an upper angle is sooooo slimming! Ugh! Love it! Not to mention, this outfit itself is slimming.

Black skinny jeans, are probably one of the most versatile items you can own in your wardrobe. I usually have 2-3 pair in my closet. Because, I can pair them with anything! And because I can dress them up or I can dress them down.

I’m all about tees. And this tee is a slim fitting tee, which shows off more curves than I usually do. But buy some tees that skim your body, not so tight that, you look like you’re wearing a sausage casing. Not cool! Both Madewell & J.crew have amazing tees…and soft too!

Why this outfit works so well, is because everything flows nicely. It may not have to match perfectly. But it does need to flow well together. For instance, my shoes + cami goes well with my sweater and tee. And my jeans are a neutral and acts as an anchor to my outfit. You csn totally wear color, bit you have to be strategic. You can’t wear every color of the rainbow in one outfit(not talking about dresses, mostly separates) an expect it to look good. You’ll be a walking rainbow. But if you use neutrals to help, then you’re getting somewhere. We’ll get to that in another post!

Do you have any questions or any suggestions on what to post next, leave me a comment or email me: styledbyryn@gmail.com, id love to hear what you have to say!

Switching it up…

So I have decided I’m going to switch writing days, so instead of it being Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes Friday. It will now be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sometimes Friday! So, I just wanted to inform you of that! Not a big change, but still wanted to share!

Now onto the next order of business
An Outfit picture! Yay! I found a wall and I decided to take a pic of my outfit with it. I’m hoping I’ll be doing many many more throughout the year/blogging career! I do absolutely love it.


Jacket: Nordstrom Rack; similar | White shirt: Oldnavy; similar | Camisole: Costco | Jeans: Oldnavy | Boots: Sam Edelman | Bucket Bag: LiveFashionAble


Jewelry: Kendra Scott color bar necklace | Madewell wrap bracelet, old | Michele watch; Similar | Bird necklace
Lips: Revlon ultra HD matte lipcolor in flirt/flirtation

Y’all, I cannot get over this lip color! It’s from Revlon of all things… Who knew?! Also I’m in need of some black booties. My closet seems to lacking from not having them… Also I’m on the search for the perfect fitting blazer(s) as I tell many of my clients to have them… I want some too. Black & navy for sure & maybe a nice coral/red as well. I just love the look of ’em!

Love y’all! -Ryn

Weekend highlight

Soo, as this is almost the weekend, I won’t be responsible giving you the weekend blues by posting a few highlights from my trip to Austin, TX this past weekend… I stayed for 4 nights. And I was able to see two of my favorite people. It makes trips more enjoyable with friends… I also was able to go to San Marcos Outlets… And go to the whole foods by my hotels everyday I was there.

Here’s just a few pics since I didn’t take a bunch of pictures, unfortunately… I know, what kind of blogger am I?! The one who needs to recharge from time to time.


This is the COOLEST wall EVER!!!
Fun OOTDs will be shot there someday…


Met up with a friend of 15+ years. She’s a gem! I love her. She’s just one of those friends that can understand what you’re going through, and give you advice along the way. She’s a keeper.


My dog being the cutest dog on the ride down to Austin.


Taking pics of any school buses on the highway, because my niece is OBSESSED!


Enjoying my time with a friend who has a heart of gold! Loved my time with her. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to move to Austin, but I see many road trips in my future to maintain a friendship with her. She just encouraged me, just when I needed most.


Enjoying delicious ice cream from LICKS. So good! You need to try hot chocolate marshmallow, goat cheese, thyme & honey, and also brown butter brown sugar… They are delectable! A must when visiting A-town!


And this wall, wasn’t actually in Austin, as it was more in Waco… From Magnolia Market. Unfortunately there was no sighting of Jojo or Chip. But I’m telling you, I am going to meet them one day. And hopefully get a pic with them and chat a bit! That’s my plan anyway! But back to this wall, I love it with the faux flowers and washi tape. Swoon!

So as I said, I didn’t take many pictures nor did I eat at any really good local dives, besides licks…. But I’m making a list of what I want to do next time when I’m there!
• eat at yummy local places
• explore downtown and take OOTDs on the cool walls
• spend time with friends
• build my clientele and hopefully do a few style sessions when I’m there.
• Go to SXSW… Maybe…
• go to Milk + Honey spa and have a treatment done.

Anyway, thanks for reading!!! -Ryn

What I bought in January…


I didn’t buy as much as I thought but I’m loving the color palette here in this photo… It’s very springy… I did have my eye on some jeans from OldNavy…But I may buy them in February or March, you’ll find out soon, I’m sure. I do like buying necessities. And necessities, such as pants are always a good thing! But for now, these things in the photo are what’s being highlighted! So enjoy!

• I wuv this sweater. I’ve been wearing this constantly! All day, e’ry day!

• OldNavy floral PJ pants. These pants are adorable. They were on clearance, so I’m not entirely sure you can still find them, but if you can, then GREAT!

• Madewell D’Orsay flats it black and white snake skin. I bought these off poshmark, and I thought they were cuter in the pics. I may end up selling them back on poshmark… How unfortunate.

• OldNavy striped boyfriend tee. This tee is so comfortable!!! I could stand for it to be a little longer in length. But I still really like it. Its slouchy and cute.

• OldNavy Coral Tencel midi length. I haven’t actually worn this skirt yet… But I think I’ll pair it with a white button down and boots…

• Caramel color ribbing from Fabric.Com. This ribbing is for some fabric I bought in Canada. I wanted to make a cute sweatshirt with it, but I couldn’t find ribbing that would match, and I just happened upon a very close match, which now has prompted me to finish that said sweatshirt! Yay!

• Target Dollar Spot pocket calendar. I needed a smaller calendar to carry. I have a big daddy calendar for home/office use, but needed a smaller version to store in my bag just in case I need it…

• Madewell x Vans suede taupe slip-on shoes. These are already my favorite! Spoiler alert, these will be featured in February’s favorites… They’re super comfy and super cute!

I hope you enjoyed this haul, as I’ll enjoy putting each piece to good use!

What did you buy in January?!