Just hangin’ out…


Let’s talk about hangers, shall we?!
I bet most of you use the wire hangers you get free from the dry cleaners right? I pretty much despise that style of hanger as it misshapens my knits, they get bent out of shape easily, and if you step on the hook, it’s worse than stepping on a lego. Ouch. But there are so many hangers out there to purchase and use, you may be like, “Um, how should I even choose?” “How do I know what’s a good hanger to use?!”, Let tell you I’ve used them all, and I can totally tell you which ones are worth it and those that just need to be thrown out with the garbage…

Let’s go through the plethora of hangers… At least the ones that are pictured. (Left to Right)

Velvet Huggable Hangers: These are actually my favorite. As they are velvety, almost every material stays put when hung, they are thin, so you can pile in a lot of hangers in a tight space. Drawback would be, that they break easily… If stepped on or loaded down with clothing.

Wire Hangers. As I said before, this are crappy hangers. They’re not very reliable in terms of keeping your closet organized and neat. Nor are they great for using for hanging sweaters or even t-shirts. But they are extremely cheap.

Padded Hangers. These are great for display and lingerie. For much else, not really. They’re impractical for my closet as it would take up too much precious space. Plus, clothes just slip off easily. Not cool!

Plastic Hangers With Foam Sleeve. These are OK. They are still pretty thick for your closet, but they’re great for hanging up dresses and strappy items such as; camisoles, tanks, spegetti straps, etc. once you take off the foam sleeve. And they are durable, so that’s fantastic.

Plastic Hangers. These are great for hanging up pants. They’re super great for being neat/organized in your closet, and they bring extra fun color. Plus, these are pretty cheap, so that’s a bonus. And pretty durable.

Metal Utility Hangers. These are great and super duper durable! But again, not very practical, as clothing with slip off easily. But for looks, this get an A+ from me. I love how utilitarian it looks. I will use these for display any day! But, I will say these are a bit pricey…

Rubber Coated Hangers. These are okay. They do hold tops and blouses quite well, they do slip off occasionally. But, for taking up space, these are thin enough. And the durability is pretty great too!

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll show you how to hang up your clothes. As it will benefit your clothes just as much as it will benefit you!
Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

OOTW: white button ups


Button down; similar | Jeans; similar | Shoes; similar | Necklace | Sunnies | Belt; similar

Everybody should own a white button down shirt. Whether man or woman. Whether slouchy or tailored. I prefer a slouchy version more so, than a tailored blouse. As I can half tuck it in and it look relaxed. But a tailored version will give you a nipped in, waist defining look.

And as you can see, this Particular shirt is plaid jacquard. Which means, the pattern is woven into the fabric. Instead of stitched on or painted on. If you can find white shirts that have a lil somethin’ somethin’ extra to them, you’re winning. Because texture gives your outfit a step up to be great!

Do you own a white button down?

Empowering Women


I’m tired of the lack of support from other women…
I feel as if we’re all competing with each other. It’s not fun. I can’t convince myself that it is. I would rather empower women rather than tear them down.
I feel, if we’re always competing, we miss each others mission, or callings & gifts.

I have always been called to women’s ministry. And my career as a wardrobe stylist has helped immensely. I love styling women. I mean men are great too. But I feel as if I can impart wisdom and self confidence to women who otherwise don’t have good self esteem, confidence, or they just don’t know how to dress themselves, I’m helping them in some way and that makes me extremely happy. That’s me. I’m nosey and I love making women look good. It’s what I do. Just call me therapist/stylist Lauryn! Haha!


So what I’ve decided to do is support other women in their endeavors and callings and share them on my Instagram every week! If you’re not following me, then you should to get in on the action with me and give a shout out to other women too, it helps if you know them;). As I want this movement to grow larger & larger until we all are supporting and rooting each other on! My Instagram profile is: @RynBray
You need to follow! Just saying!

3 outfit ideas for She is…

She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is without spot or blemish. She is far more precious than diamonds or rubies.

I strive to be all of those things. Not to mention she is strong, courageous, fierce, loyal, humorous, enticing, lovely and beautiful.

She is beautiful. In this day and age beauty has so many connotations. Positive + Negative views on what beauty is. Outward + inward expressions of what beauty is. Matters of the heart vs only skin deep forms of beauty. I wish I could tell every woman how beautiful she really is. That smile tells a story. And she speaks what is embedded in her heart.

Have you heard of She Is clothing?
I love this company. This is the epitome of what ever beautiful + strong woman is. And she should wear that badge proudly.

I was so kindly sent a couple items from their range and I love both. The message and the quality. You know I’m a stickler about how well something’s made. And their tees are so super soft. It’s like wearing a warm hug.

I paired this shirt 3 ways to show you just how versital a graphic tee actually can be.
{In case you’re wondering Elle est forte means She is Strong}


1st look: I’m all about a blazer, boyfriend jeans, heels and a cool graphic tee with some awesome jewelry to go out in. Whether your going out on a date or a GNO. You’ll be covered!


2nd look: To rock the message at the gym when you’re getting your strong on is the perfect time to remind yourself that strong is beautiful. Grab your colorful workout pants, your sneakers and your graphic tee and just see how leg day treats you!


3rd look: Last but definitely not least, wear this to the farmers market, to meet clients or to a concert in the park… Wherever you choose to wear it, just know that you can never go wrong with a midi skirt, field jacket, ankle boots, bucket bag and a floral scarf to welcome the graphic tee into the mix!

With these suggestions, you can rock any occasion with a graphic tee. Especially one from She Is Clothing! You need this company in your life!

P.s. if you use this coupon code: LAURYN, you’ll receive $5 off your entire purchase from www.Sheisclothing.com!

Thanks so much She Is! Love y’all! -Ryn

Advent No. 18: 3 Holiday Outfit Tips

{If you haven’t heard of Rebekah from Lilyproject.net, you honestly need to! She’s a wardrobe stylist just like me and she’s adorable and I love her!!! You need to follow her blog & IG account! Thanks so much Rebekah for writing a post for my blog, loved having you! 😘😘😘 -Ryn}


This time of the year is seriously my favorite! Besides the fact we get to celebrate Christmas with family and friends and enjoy gifts and food and fun, we get the chance to break out some holiday outfits! I’m sure you are all going to at least 1 holiday party whether it’s an ugly Christmas sweater theme or maybe a corporate gala. Either way, you want to look your best!
I am all about versatility in my wardrobe. What’s the point of buying something if you can only wear it once and one way. Waste. Of. Money. In my opinion! I recently did a fun styling session and photo shoot with a local boutique in my hometown to really showcase some great holiday pieces they have! Any of these pieces could be something you already have in your closet or maybe a new outfit. The best thing is everything is versatile and can be worn all year! I would love to share with you today just a few tips on how to look the best at your holiday event!

1. Classic and Elegant – Black pants or a black skirt can go a long way in simple elegance. I paired up this black midi with a starry night knit short sleeve top. It has a classic silhouette with a touch of shine to really set you apart. I wouldn’t be afraid to pair an unsuspecting garment half tucked. Classic with edge!


2. Mixed Prints, Textures, and Colors – I love to push the limits with mixing prints. I seriously do it all the time! Normally I wouldn’t pair a floral blazer like this with a metallic party dress but who not? It’s holiday and it’s fun and edgy! Adding colored tights can add instant fun to any outfit and a leopard print shoe goes with anything. For real. Anything.


3. All Black with Statement – Who doesn’t look good in all black? And it’s kind of the normal go to color this time of year. Which, can be totally BORING. But, why not add a spin to the traditional “black is the new black” and add a pop of shine or color! I loved this gold flecked kimono and statement necklace with my all black. Tip: Wearing the same color tights and shoes can create the illusion of longer legs!


Hopefully you are inspired to get outside of the box and pair up non-traditional outfits this season so you can look smashing at your parties! Any of these looks would be great to ring in the New Year as well!
For more fashion tips, tricks, and advice follow my blog and IG account! Happy shopping dolls! -Rebekah

Canada OOTDs in a week

Y’all I had so much fun taking these outfit of the day photos… As each day was a different outfit, I feel like I grew a little with this challenge, as I’ve never not shipped a bag through… I actually used all but one shirt, as I forgot I had it with me. Whoops! But other than that, I am convinced I can just pack a carry on again. Sure it was a challenge to come up with 8 different outfits, the challenge was accepted & conquered. I’ll walk you through each outfit too. And when I landed in buffalo and crossed the border, it was in the 70°s and then as the week progressed it turned to the 50°s as that is what I packed for…

Things still for sale…
{Boyfriend jeans | Black Skinny Jeans | “Petty” boots | Striped shirt; similar| Royal Blue Beanie | Grey Fedora}


Wednesday: Travel day. I wanted something comfortable for the flight, as I would be plane hopping(connecting flights)… I paired black leggings with a long white tee and my “weekends are for waffles” sweatshirt and my green field jacket. I then added my black ankle boots to the mix. And don’t worry, I had socks on, as I do not like to be barefoot at the airport… Ew! I felt cute and comfy…and actually took the jacket off, just too warm for me.


Thursday: I was excited to cross the border, as I put on a Canadian colored plaid shirt, denim boyfriend jeans, my brown “petty” boots, and then I added a black duster sweater to the mix. Super cute as I half tucked the shirt into my jeans. The half tuck can usually elevate an outfit. I looooooved this outfit!


Friday: as it was a bit on the warm side in Canada, I opted to go with a white tee, wool scarf, field jacket, black skinny jeans and tennis shoes. And then throughout the day, I put my hair up too.


Saturday: This is also a favorite outfit of mine! I love it. Now on this day it was cold & wet. So I went with my black ankle boots, tuxedo stripe pleather leggings, white tee, marled hi-lo sweater & I popped on a bright pink lip and a royal blue beanie. And I also grabbed my field jacket for added warmth.


Sunday: this was on Sunday, we stopped at the cutest little lake house restaurant and they just so happened to have full length mirror… I put it to good use! I have on the boyfriend jeans, the black duster cardigan, Sam edelman “petty” boots, grey fedora & striped tee. I get so many compliments on that hat! I also added a favorite dark lip in “diva” from MAC. Perfection.


Monday: So, different surroundings as you can see, we are still in Canada, just by Niagara falls… I paired my black skinnies with a white tee, the marled sweater, field jacket, tennies & scarf. Perfect for walking around.


Tuesday: Tuesdays calls for leggings, as I paired the legging with a white tee, the marled sweater, field jacket, black ankle boots, and grey hat. As we were driving back to buffalo… Perfect outfit to cross back to the states.


Wednesday: and another travel day ahead! So, again I wanted something comfortable. I paired my boyfriend jeans with a white tee, that same “waffles are for weekends” sweatshirt, the field jacket. Tennis shoes and grey & black happy socks. (I had to take the socks off after the security as it just looked funny!) P.s. my hair was having a great day that day! Just saying! 😉

So though it may have been challenging at times, I still had so much fun styling all of these outfits. Though I may not totally believe in capsule wardrobes, I like them for traveling! And I hope I have given you inspiration and encouragement to travel all the while looking über cute! You got this!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

What’s in my carry on?

I promise this is the last bag post I have for awhile! As my trip is over, and I reflect on the memories that were made. I’m incredibly thankful and grateful that my mom brought me with her. Canada was the same & yet different all at the same time. And it was the first of many countries to visit! Canada somehow lit a fire to live more… I’ll go into it more in another post. But today is the day I share with you what was in my carry on, *was being the key word, as now my bag is completely empty! So let’s do this!


• Bag: vintage pan am type bag from Samsonite. I bought this bag from a thrift store for a few dollars.
• Camera: Nikon coolpix L110(not shown) This was mainly for taking pictures of the Niagara falls. And I got some gorgeous pics of them. Frame worthy ones.
• Bose Headphones: (I brought Samsung ear buds instead.) Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the bose headphones, as I only had a limited amount of space, so I opted for my ear buds instead.
• IPad 2. Because, it’s my mini computer. I can watch YouTube’s, I can blog on it, or play solitaire when bored…
• Knitting needles & yarn. This has got to be one of the best ideas yet. I actually started knitting a scarf or a part of a blanket.
• Makeup bag. I had my makeup with, as it is precious cargo ; )
• Book: Defining Moments by Jen Tringale. I’ve been reading this book for months, I was expecting to finish it, but alas, no not yet! That’s not to say it not a great book, because it really is! I’m enjoying in tremendously when I remember to read it.
• Purse: L.A.M.B crossbody, cause you can only have one personal item.
• Jewelry bag, again precious cargo. And if I decide I want to add jewelry after get through security, I can.
• A pair of underwear, juuuuuuust in case…
• Sunnies: Rayban wayfarer limited edition sunglasses… Never used them on my trip.
• Chewing Gum, for the take off and landing times… Helps with your ears.
• Perfume: keihl’s musk rollerball & pacifica sandalwood, helps with smelling good.


• Lotion: Enfusia frankincense and myrrh scent. As my skin can be dry at times. So it was nice to have it to keep my skin hydrated, especially on the flight.
• Nail polish: I actually ended up not bringing this. As I just naturally polished my nails seeming like I had clear polish on the whole time, but alas I didn’t, it was au natural!
• Passport, its essential to have crossing the border. I was very protective of it. Mama bear protective.
• Snacks: Trader Joe’s treats, thai lime & chili almonds, flattened bananas, chili mangos are all fantastic to try and easy to pack.


• Stretch band for exercise (not shown) unfortunately, I never once exercised! I totally wanted to, and this stretch band was there the whole time, I just decided to eat instead… Naughty naughty, I know!
• Starbucks Venti reusable cup (not shown) This is a must take for me. Whether I fill it up with coffee or water after getting through security, it’s just so handy to bring with me.

The funny think is, is that the blue bag was unable to be zipped up. Buuut it did fit underneath the seats, so that was nice!

So there you have it, I pack a lot, but if you think about it, you need stuff even on trips!
Have a beautiful day! -Ryn