OOTW: white button ups


Button down; similar | Jeans; similar | Shoes; similar | Necklace | Sunnies | Belt; similar

Everybody should own a white button down shirt. Whether man or woman. Whether slouchy or tailored. I prefer a slouchy version more so, than a tailored blouse. As I can half tuck it in and it look relaxed. But a tailored version will give you a nipped in, waist defining look.

And as you can see, this Particular shirt is plaid jacquard. Which means, the pattern is woven into the fabric. Instead of stitched on or painted on. If you can find white shirts that have a lil somethin’ somethin’ extra to them, you’re winning. Because texture gives your outfit a step up to be great!

Do you own a white button down?


Etsy Find Friday: LovefromCyprus

I’m sure by now, you know that I love bags + shoes… Oh and mixing with metallics too. I have such an awesome Etsy shop for you! I wasn’t sure what to post today, so I decided to go through my favorite shops on the Etsy app, and then I found it, I found a gorgeous bucket bag. You may not know, but you will in a second once I tell you, how much I love bucket bags. They’re so chic, the perfect carry-all, and all around wonderful. Now, my only must have for one is, it HAS to be leather, whether vintage or new, it just has to be leather. Maybe, and I only mean maybe, can it be made with canvas or laminated canvas. Nothing of the vegan leather type material please.

But that’s just it, I have found a great option from LoveFromCyprus, who make genuine leather bucket bags, saddlebags, sandals, the works really! And here I am to show you, so that you can feel free & purchase from them! Woo!


The infamous bucket bag I was talking about. Isn’t it pretty?! | $175.05


Let’s talk about cute bags, shall we? Um, I could totally see this with so many outfits. And see its a glimmer of metallic, just the way I like it! | $140.04


Be still my metallic lovin’ heart! And best part, they’re rose gold… 😍 I know I know, fabulous right?
Polis strappy | $75.27


And again. Just adorable. Imagine an all black outfit, then you throw on this bag, simply perfection. | $140.04


And then for those days that you don’t want to bring a huge bag, but you still want to look chic, here is the answer. It’s perfect for a day at the Farmer’s or flea market. Paired with a lightweight olive green jacket, skinnies, white tee, & sandals. Perfect outfit material, I’d say! | $75.85


Yep, you guessed again, metallic! You know, I love me some metallic! They are just gorgeous. | $56.02

And I’m not sure it’s for a limited time, but they are offering free shipping! I think you should go visit their shop!

See y’all on Monday! -Ryn