Just hangin’ out…


Let’s talk about hangers, shall we?!
I bet most of you use the wire hangers you get free from the dry cleaners right? I pretty much despise that style of hanger as it misshapens my knits, they get bent out of shape easily, and if you step on the hook, it’s worse than stepping on a lego. Ouch. But there are so many hangers out there to purchase and use, you may be like, “Um, how should I even choose?” “How do I know what’s a good hanger to use?!”, Let tell you I’ve used them all, and I can totally tell you which ones are worth it and those that just need to be thrown out with the garbage…

Let’s go through the plethora of hangers… At least the ones that are pictured. (Left to Right)

Velvet Huggable Hangers: These are actually my favorite. As they are velvety, almost every material stays put when hung, they are thin, so you can pile in a lot of hangers in a tight space. Drawback would be, that they break easily… If stepped on or loaded down with clothing.

Wire Hangers. As I said before, this are crappy hangers. They’re not very reliable in terms of keeping your closet organized and neat. Nor are they great for using for hanging sweaters or even t-shirts. But they are extremely cheap.

Padded Hangers. These are great for display and lingerie. For much else, not really. They’re impractical for my closet as it would take up too much precious space. Plus, clothes just slip off easily. Not cool!

Plastic Hangers With Foam Sleeve. These are OK. They are still pretty thick for your closet, but they’re great for hanging up dresses and strappy items such as; camisoles, tanks, spegetti straps, etc. once you take off the foam sleeve. And they are durable, so that’s fantastic.

Plastic Hangers. These are great for hanging up pants. They’re super great for being neat/organized in your closet, and they bring extra fun color. Plus, these are pretty cheap, so that’s a bonus. And pretty durable.

Metal Utility Hangers. These are great and super duper durable! But again, not very practical, as clothing with slip off easily. But for looks, this get an A+ from me. I love how utilitarian it looks. I will use these for display any day! But, I will say these are a bit pricey…

Rubber Coated Hangers. These are okay. They do hold tops and blouses quite well, they do slip off occasionally. But, for taking up space, these are thin enough. And the durability is pretty great too!

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll show you how to hang up your clothes. As it will benefit your clothes just as much as it will benefit you!
Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

Sweatshirt cozy


SWEATSHIRT; Similar | TEE; Similar | JEANS; Similar | BAG | SHOES; Similar |HAT; Similar



Casual uniforms. Weekly, I have a form of this outfit on… Sometimes bi-weekly.
It’s important to have “running errands” outfit. That’s not gym clothes or *shudder* pajamas *shudder*. You just need a comfy-cute outfit to schlump around in, go to brunch in, or the farmer’s market. Whether it is a tee, jeans + sweatshirt or a blouse + jeans. That’s what you get to decide. But just pick an outfit that, you can pull out of your closet, knowing you’ll feel CONFIDENT in.

I’m a sweatshirt girl ALL the way. I love a cozy sweatshirt. And I love this one pictured. It’s ripped and soft and made of french terry, perfect for spring weather. And I can pair it with anything. Anything! From a skirt to flares. Sweatshirts are amazing!

Here comes peter cotton tail….


Shirt: SIMILAR | Skirt: HERE |  Sandals: SIMILAR | Necklace: SIMILAR | Nail Polish: HERE | Lipstick: HERE | Dog: YORKIE
Happy Resurrection Day/Happy Easter!!! Even if it’s two days late… Actually, I’m celebrating Easter on Wednesday as well as this past Sunday. So, there’s that!

I did want to show/share with ya what I actually wore on Easter to church and brunch.
I very rarely wear skirts or dresses, but I loved the color of this skirt. It’s my jam! I even love the midi-ness length to it. It flared out just so. It was a slight high-low hemline to compensate for my bubble butt. It’s perfection.
I picked this skirt up months ago, and never wore it. And since I’ve pretty much stopped buying easter dresses in my late twenties, I knew separates would work. And this blouse just works with this skirt, don’t you think? So I put two and two together and made an outfit! I had that outfit in mind for about 3-4 weeks prior to this past Sunday. Even the hair style. And I love it. I felt cute. My legs were/are definitely super white, but I’m okay with it. I also really like my hair. Milkmaid braids ALL THE WAY! And those sandals, they are sooo comfy. I can not explain to you how comfy they truly are.

And just prior to this picture being taken, I spilled coffee down the front of me before church… Oh joy!

Anyway, just wanted to share… For trying something new, it was a total win for me! Yay! -Ryn

Being Better > Being Bitter


Have I told you how much I love going through peoples closets and wardrobes. Like it’s my kinda Narnia for me. It’s a wonderland. Going through clothes, pairing one garment with another, forming outfits together. Ahhh it’s eye candy to me. Plus, I love seeing what they have… And my clients have a whole new way of seeing their closets. And the look smashing. I love the confidence they have. The empowerment they own!

I’ve been doing this wardrobe stylist thing for four years! I’ve had challenges, I’ve had victories and all around fun doing so, I’ve also had an impact on my clients. Empowering them to be better equipped when dressing themselves.

Just recently, I had a friend start a styling career as well. She also decided to copy a lot of what I do and work with a church, I have connections with and work with. Honestly, it was a shock to me, as Sundays before, she acted so supportive of what I’m doing. Trying to “help”. It really made me sad + mad. And quite honestly, discouraged. I felt discouraged. And confused and a little hurt. I knew being a stylist was a total God thing. I know I couldn’t dream this up on my own. It was all Him. I even had to converse with my mom, sister, friends and God… about it. And I definitely didn’t want hurt and unforgiveness to rule me. I didn’t want to become bitter, for the sake of being bitter.
Then a few days ago, another friend asked me how I really was, as I try to hide my feelings, I told her a bit of what was going on and she totally helped. She put a different perspective on it. She said “you have one of two choices, you either become bitter or you can become better!” she also said, God will give me favor, His hand is on my business. She also said to chalk it up to “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” And I am totally choosing the latter. Ever since her words, I have felt encouraged. I have had new pep in my step. I’m feeling refreshed, a new sense of worth has been given to me. All because I chose not to be bitter. And I truly believe becoming better will send me into new & great opportunities. Yes and Amen!

I’m not really sure what the moral of this story is, besides that you need friends to help encourage you through trials in your life. You need to hold onto them tight. If you need encouragement, please feel free to email me, I’ll do my best: styledbyryn@gmail.com.

On another note: if you’re in the market for a  down to earth wardrobe stylist, you should totally email me! I’d love to work with you! Thanks for reading! -Ryn



Let’s talk about bodies… Shall we?

Everybody’s body is different. Differently proportioned. Differently shaped. Differently stacked. And it’s okay. I don’t think we hear that enough. That it’s okay to be different.

1. not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
“you can play this game in different ways”
synonyms: dissimilar, unalike, unlike, contrasting, contrastive, divergent, differing, varying, disparate; More
2. distinct; separate.
“on two different occasions”
synonyms: distinct, separate, individual, discrete, independent
“two different occasions”

That it’s okay that my neighbor and I are not the same size. Even though through our natural eyes, it seems as if we could share closets + clothes. The clothes just may not fit each of us. Individuals. Because we’re two different sizes. She may be a size 10 where I may be a size 14(total faith statement here!). Completely different sizes.

Though with different designers those two numbers can overlap…Occasionally. Along with stretchy/flowy cuts of each garment.
But dress for your body. Not your neighbor’s. Not your mothers. Dress for you. Be different. You may not be a supermodel. You may be a curvaceous babe. Own it! And don’t, I repeat, do not, keep tabs or care about the numbers/size written in the clothes. You may need a size bigger in a pair a pants or different size shirt. Cut the tag out if need be to not care about the size. Who’s wearing who here? The clothes or your body? You want clothes that fit your body, you don’t want your body to fit into too small/too tight of clothes. No sausage casings here.

Alterations. Alterations make a world of difference in your wardrobe. The magical thing is you can buy a pair of pants. If the pair of pants are bigger in spots, you can have them altered to fit YOU!!! Fascinating right?! Basically tailor made pants without the tailor made big price!

Basically own your body. (And the box of cookies you just ate!) And dress really really well!


A pivotal pair of jeans

Oldnavy rockstar black skinny jeans one of my favorites…

piv·ot·al  (pĭv′ə-tl)
1. Of, relating to, or serving as a pivot.
* 2. Being of vital or central importance; crucial: a decision that was pivotal to our success.

It is pivotal to have black skinny jeans or pants in one’s closet. A key piece, much like a white V-neck tee.

I know that that is one heck of a statement. But it’s all the more true. It’s a true blue statement… Well, in this case it’s black.

Let me tell you why it’s so important to own one or several pair of black skinnies.
• Black skinnies can define one’s physique. • It can make one’s legs appear waaay longer than any denim could do. • It can make you look and feel your thinnest. • Cut the right way, and the length just right can make you feel like a million bucks. • You can dress them up or down, just by the clothes & accessories you pair with them. • And the more faded they become, the more they become well loved jeans! • you can pair so much with black denim. • black skinnies look great on almost any body shape. • many places have black skinnies to purchase.

Here are few ways I’ve styled black denim, as you can see, I really like to wear neutrals…


So, if you’re debating on whether or not to purchase a pair of black skinnies, let me answer for you, YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! You need them in your life!

From your stylist,

Organize + Maintain your Closet

January hit and all I wanted to do was go through my closet and organize it. I store a lot in a 19 1/2 square foot walk in closet… Such as hanging clothes, shoes, extra bed sheets, laundry hamper, things to sell on poshmark, my bras and camisoles(for easy access) etc…and occasionally a dog, who loves to sleep in my closet. (I don’t blame her) I’m surprised I have room to actually walk in. But I still had a bit of space to stand. But it was getting out of hand. So, I had to do something about it. I needed to clean. And I needed to purge some things. It just had to be done.

Now, I’m one that when I work on a clients closet. I also like to reorganize it. So, it may not be disorganized in the sense of it being messy, but it’s unorganized to me, and I lose track of garments that I could be pairing in an outfit, if the clothes are in disarray. I then feel the need to reorganize it. 

So here is my formula to making a closet work to you advantage…
• I organize shirts: blouses, button downs, sweaters,  jackets & dresses together (at least I do this in my closet). The ombré effect really. Then tees and sweatshirts together. And lastly workout gear, pants and then skirts. It works. It’s obtainable. Perfect to reach in and grab/pair outfits together.
* You can organize by color. But I don’t tend to as my closet is pretty much filled with black, grey, white and denim. No need for me.


• Another thing is to allow myself 3 items that may not fit me right now to stay until I can fit into them or until I get tired of seeing them in my closet. 3 and no more. If I keep more than three, then I waste needed space.

• Another thing I do, is to go through my clothes. I have five categories I put my clothes in…
Keep: the items I want to keep. Things that are classic or staples. Or trends that are still “in”.
Sell: items that you haven’t had a chance to really love, items that others would love more. Name brand items really…
Give: The items that aren’t name brand. And could be donated.
Trash: The well loved, falling apart, pilling, cracked, ripped, has holes in it and shouldn’t have holes in them kind of clothes should always be thrown away. Period.
Seasonal: these clothes are mainly winter/summer clothes. You need to store these in an airtight container. And bring them out right before winter/summer begins.


• Make a buying list of what you would like to buy in the coming months for your wardrobe. It may be a blazer, Nike sneakers, a pencil skirt, more v-neck tees…. Whatever you want. Write it down(you can totally write it on your phone…this is what I do). Then when shopping, you can go over your list and see what you really need vs just what you want that could clutter up your closet.


• So, I learned this tip from a client actually, and it was to turn all your hangers outward. And then as the days & weeks go by, you hang the clothes that you’ve worn back up, having the hooks facing the regular way. You can then see what you actually wear vs the things that you just need to give away/sell.

• Another thing, if you’re unsure about an item you already bought, come up with 3 outfits to pair that said item with. Then take it a step further, and make it a point to actually wear those outfits. If by the 3rd time wearing it, you don’t like it, sell or give it away.


• You’ve probably noticed by now that I’ve painted my closet a bright olive oil color… I did this, so that my clothes would pop against it. Helping me see what I have and also making my closet feel more fun + happy.

• Last but certainly not least. Change your lightbulb for an even brighter lightbulb to make your closet brighter. You need to see your clothes, as to not go out of the house with colors that don’t go well together. Of course you can make it look good. Just better lighting helps.

So those are some tips to cleaning and maintaining your closets.
If you have any tips for organizing your closet, please tell me in the comments! Thanks & Happy Monday! -Ryn